At Kiwi Pacific Limited we stock and manufacture a variety of furnitures in a wide range of sizes and colours.

With many years of experience supplying furnitures, you can rely on Kiwi Pacific Limited for your needs!

Why Choose Kiwi Pacific Limited ?

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    Company you can trust

    We do all our manufacturing in China. At present, we are making hundreds of furnitures each month. The main markets for our products is Asia and New Zealand. We are eager to develop sales in other areas, with the aim eventually of selling all over the world.

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    Products you can depend on

    We value and embrace quality. Step by step, there are quality assurance all throughout our production line. This means that for every single item that we produced for our customers, there are 100% guarantee for high quality. Products you could truely depend on.

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    Support you can be satisfied

    We are eager to provide all our customers the best possible customer experience that you can be satisfied. From the initial quote to the customized manufacturing, from the the delivery of our products to the after sales service, we strive for excellent customer service.

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    Professional team at your help

    We value our people. It is our people who are the greatest asset of our company. We have a great professional team who are always striving to help our customers to the the best possible extent.